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freak ;)
27th-Oct-2012 09:35 pm - hubris; and other collateral damage
Written as a challenge from a friend.

Hubris; and other collateral damageCollapse )
6th-May-2012 07:55 pm - blaaaaah
so unproductiiiiiivvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee.

I have a few billion assignments due this week and yet I refuse to get off my lazy ass and do any of them :\

I think it's a combination of winter and every episode of KHR saved on my hard drive. Plus I finally got Sony Vegas pro 11, so I doubt any school work is going to get done...to the dismay of my teachers.

so laaaaazy :D

have an example of how unmotivated I am.

( a failed fic of Ryohei and Shamal chillin')

blahCollapse )

See! Even the shit I write doesn't really have a plot any more :\
I'm thinking it's time to crank up the park0urfreak (on youtube) and write some kind of epic battle/car chase/amazingtsunarampage scene. Hmm. Yes.
Yes I will

once I sleep for a while

26th-Feb-2012 09:53 pm - Newbie?

So, first entry...Ooohh, scary. 

Hmm. Well since I don't have much to say, I think I'm going to post a story, since that's what I'm going to be uploading mostly on here XD

Boxers [A prompt inspired Giotto drabble]Collapse )

If you read that - have a cookie.

I'll probably be posting a lot of things like that, or just venting via keyboard.

Have fun laughing at my insanity ingenuity?
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